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Small Data, Big Impact: The Story Behind DuckDB

Posted Jan 09, 2024 | Views 920
# Data Management
# MotherDuck
# DuckDB
Hannes Mühleisen
Co-Founder & CEO @ DuckDB Labs

Prof. Dr. Hannes Mühleisen is a creator of the DuckDB database management system and Co-founder and CEO of DuckDB Labs, a consulting company providing services around DuckDB. Hannes is also Professor of Data Engineering at Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen. His' main interest is analytical data management systems.

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Jordan Tigani
Chief Duck-Herder @ MotherDuck

Jordan is co-founder and chief duck-herder at MotherDuck, a startup building a serverless analytics platform based on DuckDB. He spent a decade working on Google BigQuery, as a founding engineer, book author, engineering leader, and product leader. More recently, as SingleStore’s Chief Product Officer, Jordan helped them build a cloud-native SaaS business. Jordan has also worked at Microsoft Research, the Windows Kernel team, and at a handful of star-crossed startups. His biggest claim to fame is predicting world cup matches using machine learning with a better record than Paul the Octopus.

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Demetrios Brinkmann
Chief Happiness Engineer @ MLOps Community

At the moment Demetrios is immersing himself in Machine Learning by interviewing experts from around the world in the weekly meetups. Demetrios is constantly learning and engaging in new activities to get uncomfortable and learn from his mistakes. He tries to bring creativity into every aspect of his life, whether that be analyzing the best paths forward, overcoming obstacles, or building lego houses with his daughter.

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Navigate the intricacies of data management with Jordan Tagani and Hannes Mühleisen, the creative geniuses behind DuckDB and MotherDuck. This deep dive unravels the game-changing principles behind DuckDB's creation, tackling the prevailing wisdom to passionately fill the gap for smaller data set management. Let's also discover MotherDuck's unique focus on providing an unprecedented developer experience and its innovative edge in visualization and data delivery. This episode is teeming with enlightening discussions about managing community feedback, funding, and future possibilities that should not be missed for any tech enthusiasts and data management practitioners.

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